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Arbit Things!!!

It has been a while since i blogged.The IIIT blogsphere now a days is really active which thurst me into writing a post.Strange to see a telugu blog written by some MS student , though i couldnt understand it ( i cant read telugu properly :(( ). Life is back to normal in IIIT. The daily run to the seminar halls , sleeping in classes , eating in the mess and of course not to forget the assignments.But things seem to have changed from a third year-ite perspective.Only one 8:30 class , no tutorials in the afternoon , 2 projects on hand one in the pipeline , career fears , evening CAT classes , more time in LINUX …. surely life goes on ….

Several interesting things have happened in the campus.


  • NO interaction with the juniors , i cant even remember seeing a junior. Three of my batchmates got sent to some JV shivir in Mussoorie (hope the spelling is correct).Several immediate juniors too were punished.Dont know what happened actually but Rajeev Sangal sent a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long mail to ug2 describing certains events that they need to do. When i say a very long mail ;i mean it …. It included some avarthansheel process of recycling waste , red carpet , theatre workshop , INDO PAK exchange program … :)) LOL really. What has happened to IIIT this year ? NET is hopeless , Administration is mindless ….. INSANITY ROCKS !!!!
  • DEAN — ah Dr. Govindrajulu sir.I used to hear from my seniors that his classes are fun especially his teasing of poor students who are not attentive in the class.Surely his classes stand by that statement.One hour classes , 3 times a week – you dont even feel it. He has immense knowledge about books , experience of life and ofcourse compilers. He asks tons of questions in the class and as usual we dont answer ( whether we know the answers and dont answer or we dont it at all is another story ).He supposedly asked a friend of mine who is doing a project under him why we dont answer in the class ?. My friend as a loyal supporter of our batch told him that we know but we hesist in answering.The next day he walks in to the class and repeats this whole story and asks us if its TRUE . And there we were sitting dumb without answering … maybe we gave him his answer through our silence :))
  • Doing my honors under Jawahar sir.A great prof. absolutely no need to explain further . I have my own share of troubles in this category 🙂
  • ORKUT ROCKS !!! Yes , you heard it from a NO ORKUT GUY like me.I left Delhi when i was in my 7th class and thanks to orkut i have found nearly half of my friends.Feels great when someone you knew 7 years ago pens down a small statement for you let it be just “How r u ?”…orkutting nearly 2-3 hours a day.2 of them are in IITs now.Rest are up in arts and sciences …. DU , Gargi , Venky ……. I was pondering over it when i realized that barely 20% of the students in AP choose arts or sciences over Engg./ Med. may be we all need US JOBS as cited by ex-dean :p Hey any of you live in south delhi and know Mothers’ International School or have studied there … lets have a chat ….
  • Pati writes about ……. good post. Strolled back in to memories………. 64th increasing blog …. gg Pati.
  • Was raining heavily …. still the classes went on …… still students went to classes ….. “gadi bula rahi hain … seeti baja rahi hain ….. chalna hi jindagi hain …. chalti ga rahi hai …..” ** attendance rule …..
  • Kirthi and Samba are writing a paper …. PARTY !!!
  • Rohith is not shouting while playing FIFA …. MOKSHA finally ….. took to Madden NFL and NHL recently …… any one who wants new games comment below , i dont have space on my pc to share them … dont get offended rohith.
  • FIFA is creating waves in lab….. FIFA@ug2k4 community is up in orkut.Ravikiran is playing like GOD…
  • Community shield between Liver(f)pool and Chelsea ….. 14th august. Premiership start on 19th. Manu vs Fulham ….. go ManUtd … Ruud has left … so that means i have wasted one of my jerseys … had a black nistelrooy one …. got two more … germany – ballack and england – beckham.
  • Went to OMKARA with kirthi…. film was good ….. especially the dialogues …. good technical values ..McDonalds rocks.

Song on my pc …

A vachi B ….. – chatrapati…

All those who think that chatrapati’s theme song rocked take a look at www.mystrevelation.com/”> this



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