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I have stopped using yahoo lately thanks to the 54 Mbps wire LESS lan.
gtalk is cool. A summary of status messages of various people

1. Shashank – Links and Links and More Links

2. Harith – FoTD (Fact of the Day) , RoTD (Rumour of the Day)
Presently reads ‘RoTD – klinsman to take over as chelsea manager if Mourinho leaves’

3. Prafulla – FoTY – Fact of the Year
Last one read ‘FoTY – GNOME stands for ……’

4. Sarika – Follows the lead of above – FoTC (Fact of the Century)
FotC – GIMP stands for GIMP is Microsoft Paint

5. Badri – *Sarcastic and Witty*

6. Pondy – ‘NO COMMENTS’ …. Leave his status message, have a look at his photograph (dasaripavan A[]T gmail.com). How did the EON production guys miss him for (James) BOND (Girl). Probably the film would have been named as Cabre Royale ….

7. Manohar – Statiscally speaking the the word ‘F*’ appears with a probablity of 0.49875 in his status messages.
Presently it goes as ‘Those F*** retards gave …..’

8. Sumit – THiS guY KEEps STaTuS MEssaGEs wITh ranDOm LOWER aND upper CasE leTTers And 🙂 😀 😛

9. Sandeep aka Best Boy – Quotes on Love, Friendship and Philosphy

10. Satyakrishna – 13. Winamp – Here I come – Bryan Adams ….. or some other song.

11. Sunil B – Sleeping …. do not disturb

12. Rohith – jkqoncj49 klqyugdzl09* jdh h
Dont know what that means, but that was his status after some exam.

13. Yaso – Idle (Does this count as a status message)

PS: Any one who is hurt by me posting their name can flame me on my students id.
PS1 : Hopefully i shall remove their name then.
PS2: Exceptions are Badri and Pondy.


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