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Mr. Gordon Frohman

No, this is not a repost of the previous post on my blog neither is it a typo.

Was surfing the web for rss feeds of comics, when i stumbled across concerned . If you have played Half Life 2 and have loved it (You aint sane if you didnt like it) you would definitely appreciate this comic. Created as a parody, the comic has exactly the same chapters that you shall come across in the game.

The strips focus on events which happen in the game and unless you have played the game I dont think you will enjoy it. If you are jobless enough before the midsems, this is obviously the best way to spend some quality time.


PS: A really good site for rss feeds of comics. (Even found the rss feed of Dilbert 🙂 )


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Mr. Gordon Freeman


Just finished playing the Half Life Series

  • Half Life
  • Half Life 2
  • Half Life 2 Episode 1

If you are a big fan of FPS, then half life is a game you surely do not want to miss.

Half life might not have the state of the art graphics but going by the standards of the games in 1998, it surely deserves to be called the “Best PC Game ever made”( Thats how PC Gamer defined it). Environments and game physics in Half Life 2 are awesome. Half Life 2: Episode 1 is rather short and would take hardly 4-5 hours to finish it.

I could have explained more, could have written a few thousand words , but my words shall fail to do justice to such a great game series.

By the way Alyx Vance looks great 😛 . And for gods sake dont ask who the hell she is.

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