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The Tuesday Daily

ISRO – ^:)^

Billy the 10 year old – Awesome series of letters.

Someone is gonna get hurt really bad today.

IRONY – Free Tibet flags being made in China. [:P]

The most vulgar acronyms.

One can do ANYTHING for free internet.

And some stunning pictures [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


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The Sunday Times

Cerf the Web.

All you corporate people, beware.

Galaxies gone wild.

Everyone mocks Bush, yesterday was his day – Mocked his successors.

All this trouble for Playboy Cushions.

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The Saturday Times.

Google Movies.

Sreesanth is baby… Sreesanth is a baby ….


Remember Jerome Kerviel – The guy who made Societe Generale lose $7.14 billion. He just landed a new job.

And the controversy never stops.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear SPAM, Happy Birthday to you.

LOL @Veggies.

$2 Billion in illegal betting on IPL – Legalize it for heavens sake.

8 bit water.

I am big fan of Jason Statham and he is back in Crank 2.

The coolest USB drive I have seen till date.

IGN reviews GTA IV and the score is …… 10/10 [tada]

Tashan no nahi hai dekhna – Yahi hain mera Tashan.

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No – This is not a post about cricket. After a few days of watching IPL matches you cant avoid noticing the band of girls in skimpy clothes and pom poms dancing after every boundary and wicket. I doubt that half of the junta that turns up in the stadiums is for them. Whoever thinks that they are mere cheergirls – Think again they are PROFESSIONALS.

Their team is called the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. As you would have known by now they cheer the team Washington Redskins – The second most valuable team in NFL, Highest season attendance, an abovee 50% winning ration in super bowls and NFL championships, the first team to have a marching band and blah … blah … blah … you can find all the info here. Hey werent we talking about the cheerleading team … yeah this is there official site. They are oldest cheerleading association in the world. They have been in business since 1962. They are called “The FIRST ladies of FOOTBALL”. Once you have a look at their site, you would know that they are outright professionals. “Brand your business with the cheerleaders ….. We help you reach Washington D.C ….” – phew !!!

Want to have a look at their history .

In addition to touring with the football team, they have also performed around the world. In 1982, they were invited to be the first NFL cheerleaders to perform in Asia promoting U.S. commercial products throughout Taiwan. In 1983 the cheerleaders produced their first calendar, which they have continued since. In 1984, they were the 4th NFL squad to perform in a United Service Organizations (USO) tour entertaining the armed forces in Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Spain and the 6th Fleet off the coast of France. Since then, they have participated in numerous Department of Defense (DOD) tours to entertain U.S. servicemen and women. DOD tours have included Egypt in 2000, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2001, Kosovo in 2002, and others for a total of over 35 countries. In December 3-17 of 2005, they completed their 20th overseas tour for the USO, entertaining U.S. troops in East Asia.

Every year the squad is rebuilt retaining some and recruiting some fresh talent. And girls who leave obviously find a place in alumni association.

Hey thats not the end – while the cheerleading squad entertain the crowds, there is another team called the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors who interact with fans. Unfortunately our truly beloved Vijay Mallya invited only the Cheerleaders and not this squad.

There is a an all star team too and a junior redskins team for kids. They organize camps, clinics and train wannabe cheerleaders. They have an official variety show which they perform for corporate events, sports activities, troops stationed overseas etc. They have merchandise and customized calenders and what not.

With all this dancing going on, how can controversies stay behind. BJP raised this issue in the Maharashtra Assembly. Their point is that when Bar Dancers are banned in Mumbai, how come they are allowed to dance. I am neutral to this – Yeah sure inflation is up and employment is down – These jobs should have gone to Indians :P.

As a final gift here is the whole squad for the season 2007-08.

Finally I would like the reader not to have any misconceptions or second thoughts about my post. Some of you Right Conservatives might think that i have gone over the board – No I have not – I have not talked about their sexuality or their oomph factor – I have only and only potrayed them as pure professionals. This post was written so that next time you see them, you dont categorize them as dancers or skimpy dressed blondes and brunettes, but as a team of professional entertainers performing.

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Headlines Today !!

Just got the idea of posting some humorous, informative links from here.


Fish in all sizes, colors and emotions !!!

I cant understand why people having big money dont pay taxes.

“Quanum of Solace” – Second Alfa Romeo car destroyed.

Megan Fox – Transformers rey …..

We have been banning FTV , so its time for the western world to ban our channels :P.

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Gears of War

For the non gaming community – Please dont read further.

With nothing much to do, I am back being my usual self – looking for some good games. With the whole 24 hrs of a day to my avail I have laid my hands on some decent games.

NBA 08 – Good for a sports genre game. I have never been a great fan of Basketball and this game does nothing to inspire me. Take this if you are really in to the Alley Hooping and Slam Dunks.

UEFA EURO 08 – FOOTBALL !!! With the EURO 08 coming up this game offers you enough footballing action to keep you busy. The menus are refreshingly beautiful – something that the last two versions for EA lacked in. The OSTs are really good. With some new free kick techniques and a weird (but funny) penalty shootout camera angle, EURO 08 is surprisingly good. Three modes – EURO 08(with and without qualifications), Captain your team and the EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN – Choose a C grade team and make it the champion of EUROPE. If you are really in to football pick this one up. Take care – same FIFA 08 controls.

Splinter Cell – Was checking out for some good old FPS and luckily found this on ORB’s ftp – Infact he suggested it. Good. Played Thief – Put it in the modern age, throw some NSA, CIA stuff and You get the first installment of Splinter Cell. A perfect stealth game and pretty easy to play. One thing that definitely stands out are the graphics of this game. After seeing Bioshock, Assassin’s creed, Crysis etc. you may not appreciate them. But considering that the game was developed in 2004 – I would say its pretty good and that Game Graphics have developed in an exponential fashion. There is one scene in which you walk through a garden and the light rays just diffuse in – Awesome.

Gears of War – Aha !!! If you are a great lover of hard core FPS – this is the game for you. If you are into adrenaline pumping games like painkiller, Quake, UT, Serious Sam – This game will not disappoint you. Extremely good graphics and some really good gameplay. You play Fenix – with a humongous suit around you – which makes you look uber cool and the other guys are just too cool to describe. With a pretty interesting story this shall grip you to your chair. Downside is that it can be heavily demanding on graphics – Running it in medium settings on a ATI x1600 128 MB/ 2GB ram machine. This is the game to play in the summer !!!!

Gears of War

Summer is gonna be interesting with GTA IV all set to release.

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They say “Life is all about the small things”. The last few days have been great, sad, demoralizing, thrilling, disappointing and what not. Least to say, the days have been dramatic, bidding some really close friends goodbye. Farewell, Batch Trip – These were all big things – Big in the sense that they made us realize that the 180 odd people belonging to ug2k4 would never be together again. But time has taught me that its the small things that pinch you harder.

Not getting me – 😦

It might be a simple mail. A mail from Appaji reminding us of our semester fees. As a 1st-3rd year student you would responsibly follow the link/open the doc to check your fees. But we dont need to do it, coz we are leaving.

It can be your gtalk/yahoo im. WIth scores of friends online, you could easily scroll down several times. But now with a mere handful online you just realize that your gtalk would never be “House Full”.

It can be a mail from PJN – As you pass out, we invite you to the alumni meeting ……. – you are invited because you are leaving.

It can be a mere form – No Dues Certificate – As you tread the steps of library for the last time, as you press the enter key of your lab pc for the last time, as you meet your BTP mentor for the last time, as you submit the TT racket/football/volleyball to the PEC which you issued in the first year, you realize that its time to leave.

It can be a registration form – Registration form for the Alumni Association. All these years we have been picking forms from the cabinet in Office room but never would anyone lay his eyes on this – but now its inevitable that you do pay attention to it.

It can be a mail from BLN – All fourth year students will have to vacate their rooms by april 30th. You are leaving ……

It can be as simple as packing your stuff – something you dare not do all these four years. There cant be a better example than varun for this. What looked liked a fortress till yesterday is now a clean room.

Your wing looks vacant – it has looked several times in the past – but you know that the rightful residents of the rooms will return in a few days. But not now – coz they have left.

It can be status messages – What used to be medium for satirical jokes, boasting off, http links – All these have given way to philosophical quotes.

Rooms – When everyother year you discuss about which hostel to stay and which room to take, its now time to talk about the city and the colony and the friends with whom your are gonna share your apartment. Dude its time to leave the portals of IIIT and head in to the WORLD.

There are lots of others – lots and lots of them. All tell us one thing – We are leaving.

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