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Hyderabad :

The IIIT mailing ‘river’ system was flooded with a huge amount of mail water inundating the low lying mailing lists of students and life. An expected thousand people in those lists were seriously affected with mail water washing away their account homes. Immediate help was made available through the ‘D’ key of the putty chapter and delete button of the web chapter. The spam gates at the IIIT mail dam also suffered further damage to their already worse condition. The ‘net’ – eorological department failed again in issuing the warning of an oncoming disaster. They reported the cause of the flood was a heavy downpour of mail rain.The ‘Director’ in Chief said that immediate relief shall be provided to the rehabilated people and further such incidents would be avoided, a promise made during the last week’s flood also. Time and again the innocent people have fallen victim to the perils of the mother ‘cyber’ nature. As a result a lot of people have taken refuge in other high altitude and ‘safer’ places like new gmail, ‘los’t yahoo, hotmail-puram.

Reporting for the IIIT ‘broken’ Mirror ………. Jags.


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You wake up in the morning to find that

  • Nicolas Sarkozy is the president of France.
  • Manchester United win their first title since 2003, winning the premiership for a record 9th time.
  • Former world number one Kim Clijsters retires from tennis.
  • Bhaskar is not there in the wing (gone to Amazon) :p
  • Daka is preparing for GRE 😮

PS1: Godfather game is really good !!!

PS2: GTA San Andreas is cool (read cool when you use cheats) :p

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