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Batch Trip

All batch trips are AWESOME !!!! So there is no point blabbering about how good our batch trip was, what we did and everything. But to put it in few words – We went to Shimla, Kulu, Manali and saw lots and lots and lots of mountains and lot of us played in snow for the first time.

Now the interesting part. Heard the saying “Dont follow others path but make your own”. IT DOESNT APPLY WHEN YOU ARE TREKKING IN SNOW COVERED MOUNTAINS. Seriously. My batch of friends tried to this and had a brush with death (including yours truly) . Subsequently i was rescued by two benevolent people. I did pay them 100/- for saving my life – so at present my life is valued at rs 100/- huh!!! However playing in the snow was fun. We all were like little kids – as happy as when you get a new set of lego sets or hot wheels.

With lots of mountains around us we couldnt think of anything better than trekking. We trekked till a temple called tara devi mandir. What started as a 3 kms / 30 minutes trek ended up being a 7 kms/ 90 minutes one. The trek led us through thick forests full of damp air so it wasnt so exhausting but our legs did ache a lot. So how can a trek of 7 kms pass of without anything happening. Pondy (read graphics tutor aka D. Pavan Kumar) was scared to death in the middle way. He was like ” I am dead, Hold my hand, I will fall, I will slip, OMG I am scared”. Ravi with his immense patience helped him in reaching the top. Dont let the above sentences give you the feeling that the trek was treacherous – It wasnt even a bit, Pondy is a Sissy. I saw 8 year old kids running and jumping along the path. The trek got us to a flat top mountain from where you could see the whole of shivalik range – IT WAS GORGEOUS.

We went white water rafting. AWESOME experience. Its got be when chilling water hits you right in the face.

The bus rides were entertaining. Girls literally ragged Harinath ( sexy patel pepsi patel rey…). A huge round of applause for the girls – for their energy and sportiveness. The trip would have never been so great without you. Yeah we also had a silly fight over seats in the bus :P. Frankly you are worse than 8 year old kids :P.

Everything was fine till we started from chandigarh to delhi. A number of people wont be making the return journey to hyderabad with us. The fact that it would be the last time you would be seeing them made it altogether difficult to bear. If there is anyone out there from my batch reading this – Wish you the very best – stay in touch, it might be a simple mail saying hi – how are you and a much informal ‘Whazzzzzaaaaa’.

Thank you for all the memories.

Senti part over.

Got a chance to travel in Delhi Metro – It rocked. I have been in London’s Metro and ours falls no where short of it – Great work Sreedharan.

And now for some shocking revelations in the batch trip.

  • Pondy has fear of heights and he is DUMB.
  • Daka is pretty famous among girls.
  • Pati has unparalled knowledge about hindi songs.
  • Boppay – Telugu Films – GOD.
  • Bhaskar – I better not disclose this.
  • Praveen and Pati are bigger items than Pondy.
  • Patel is afraid of girls.
  • Bava has motion sickness.
  • Koyya rocks at hindi songs.
  • Ravi knows only one hindi movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
  • Girls are calm, Boys are noisy – Reverse this.
  • Daka and Vaka are Bava-Bavamardis.
  • Kirthi is Kasi-Enugu (He wrote a research paper during the batch trip)
  • Ling can become frustrated and has a very small vocabulary of gaalis.
  • We eat a lot 😛
  • Sati has two girlfriends and he didnt anything from shimla for both of them.
  • Kowshit rocks at DUMB C – He is the dumb in DUMB C.
  • The legend is true – Koyya doesnt bathe.
  • People still call me shashank 😛
  • Ravali is the samba equivalent in girls.( Chalta Firtha IMDB)
  • My hindi hasnt deteriorated much.
  • You cant buy much to eat in 10 rupees ( Joy and me found this out).
  • My BTECH is over.

Last but not the least heart felt thanks to

Suncheti and Daka – For taking the whole responsibility of organizing the batch trip.

Samba and Mohit – Rooms allotment 🙂

Yaso – For being that hyperactive guy and energizing us at all times, my tea partner everywhere.

Bachi – For bringing his wonderful camera which he unconditionally gave to me.

Sarika – For encouraging us to do some “Adventure”

Boppay and Pati – For the immense gyaan on telugu and hindi songs.

Rasagna, Manohar, Thummi and all the back seaters – For not cribbing about the bad seating and co-operating

Koyya – Nee ayya rey …..

Hareesha, Haritha and Geetha – For showing that you can still be a kid even if you are 21and that shouting is the best way to stay thin.

Ling, Revanth – For lending me the much useful toothpaste and shampoo 😛

Dont worry if I have left you out – It might have been intentional 😛



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I have stopped using yahoo lately thanks to the 54 Mbps wire LESS lan.
gtalk is cool. A summary of status messages of various people

1. Shashank – Links and Links and More Links

2. Harith – FoTD (Fact of the Day) , RoTD (Rumour of the Day)
Presently reads ‘RoTD – klinsman to take over as chelsea manager if Mourinho leaves’

3. Prafulla – FoTY – Fact of the Year
Last one read ‘FoTY – GNOME stands for ……’

4. Sarika – Follows the lead of above – FoTC (Fact of the Century)
FotC – GIMP stands for GIMP is Microsoft Paint

5. Badri – *Sarcastic and Witty*

6. Pondy – ‘NO COMMENTS’ …. Leave his status message, have a look at his photograph (dasaripavan A[]T gmail.com). How did the EON production guys miss him for (James) BOND (Girl). Probably the film would have been named as Cabre Royale ….

7. Manohar – Statiscally speaking the the word ‘F*’ appears with a probablity of 0.49875 in his status messages.
Presently it goes as ‘Those F*** retards gave …..’

8. Sumit – THiS guY KEEps STaTuS MEssaGEs wITh ranDOm LOWER aND upper CasE leTTers And 🙂 😀 😛

9. Sandeep aka Best Boy – Quotes on Love, Friendship and Philosphy

10. Satyakrishna – 13. Winamp – Here I come – Bryan Adams ….. or some other song.

11. Sunil B – Sleeping …. do not disturb

12. Rohith – jkqoncj49 klqyugdzl09* jdh h
Dont know what that means, but that was his status after some exam.

13. Yaso – Idle (Does this count as a status message)

PS: Any one who is hurt by me posting their name can flame me on my students id.
PS1 : Hopefully i shall remove their name then.
PS2: Exceptions are Badri and Pondy.

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