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Gears of War

For the non gaming community – Please dont read further.

With nothing much to do, I am back being my usual self – looking for some good games. With the whole 24 hrs of a day to my avail I have laid my hands on some decent games.

NBA 08 – Good for a sports genre game. I have never been a great fan of Basketball and this game does nothing to inspire me. Take this if you are really in to the Alley Hooping and Slam Dunks.

UEFA EURO 08 – FOOTBALL !!! With the EURO 08 coming up this game offers you enough footballing action to keep you busy. The menus are refreshingly beautiful – something that the last two versions for EA lacked in. The OSTs are really good. With some new free kick techniques and a weird (but funny) penalty shootout camera angle, EURO 08 is surprisingly good. Three modes – EURO 08(with and without qualifications), Captain your team and the EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN – Choose a C grade team and make it the champion of EUROPE. If you are really in to football pick this one up. Take care – same FIFA 08 controls.

Splinter Cell – Was checking out for some good old FPS and luckily found this on ORB’s ftp – Infact he suggested it. Good. Played Thief – Put it in the modern age, throw some NSA, CIA stuff and You get the first installment of Splinter Cell. A perfect stealth game and pretty easy to play. One thing that definitely stands out are the graphics of this game. After seeing Bioshock, Assassin’s creed, Crysis etc. you may not appreciate them. But considering that the game was developed in 2004 – I would say its pretty good and that Game Graphics have developed in an exponential fashion. There is one scene in which you walk through a garden and the light rays just diffuse in – Awesome.

Gears of War – Aha !!! If you are a great lover of hard core FPS – this is the game for you. If you are into adrenaline pumping games like painkiller, Quake, UT, Serious Sam – This game will not disappoint you. Extremely good graphics and some really good gameplay. You play Fenix – with a humongous suit around you – which makes you look uber cool and the other guys are just too cool to describe. With a pretty interesting story this shall grip you to your chair. Downside is that it can be heavily demanding on graphics – Running it in medium settings on a ATI x1600 128 MB/ 2GB ram machine. This is the game to play in the summer !!!!

Gears of War

Summer is gonna be interesting with GTA IV all set to release.


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Mr. Gordon Freeman


Just finished playing the Half Life Series

  • Half Life
  • Half Life 2
  • Half Life 2 Episode 1

If you are a big fan of FPS, then half life is a game you surely do not want to miss.

Half life might not have the state of the art graphics but going by the standards of the games in 1998, it surely deserves to be called the “Best PC Game ever made”( Thats how PC Gamer defined it). Environments and game physics in Half Life 2 are awesome. Half Life 2: Episode 1 is rather short and would take hardly 4-5 hours to finish it.

I could have explained more, could have written a few thousand words , but my words shall fail to do justice to such a great game series.

By the way Alyx Vance looks great 😛 . And for gods sake dont ask who the hell she is.

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