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Just received a mail from Dr. Rajeev Sangal.

Dear students in the graduating batch,

It is a gentle reminder about the forthcoming Jeevan Vidya shivir at IIIT Hyderabad during June 22 – 29, 2008.

At the farewell FSIS with the graduating UG4 students, it was expressed by many students that they would like to attend JV shivir, provided it is held during times when there is no or less work pressure. I urge them to avail of such an opportunity now.

Passing out students of MTech and other programmes should also take advantage of the shivir and attend.
If you wish to bring your parents, you are welcome.
But register early, as the number of seats are limited.
= Rajeev Sangal

Ok now who were the students who were *interested* in this JV shivir [ I am already rolling my sleeves]


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The Tuesday Daily

ISRO – ^:)^

Billy the 10 year old – Awesome series of letters.

Someone is gonna get hurt really bad today.

IRONY – Free Tibet flags being made in China. [:P]

The most vulgar acronyms.

One can do ANYTHING for free internet.

And some stunning pictures [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

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The Sunday Times

Cerf the Web.

All you corporate people, beware.

Galaxies gone wild.

Everyone mocks Bush, yesterday was his day – Mocked his successors.

All this trouble for Playboy Cushions.

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The Saturday Times.

Google Movies.

Sreesanth is baby… Sreesanth is a baby ….


Remember Jerome Kerviel – The guy who made Societe Generale lose $7.14 billion. He just landed a new job.

And the controversy never stops.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear SPAM, Happy Birthday to you.

LOL @Veggies.

$2 Billion in illegal betting on IPL – Legalize it for heavens sake.

8 bit water.

I am big fan of Jason Statham and he is back in Crank 2.

The coolest USB drive I have seen till date.

IGN reviews GTA IV and the score is …… 10/10 [tada]

Tashan no nahi hai dekhna – Yahi hain mera Tashan.

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Hyderabad :

The IIIT mailing ‘river’ system was flooded with a huge amount of mail water inundating the low lying mailing lists of students and life. An expected thousand people in those lists were seriously affected with mail water washing away their account homes. Immediate help was made available through the ‘D’ key of the putty chapter and delete button of the web chapter. The spam gates at the IIIT mail dam also suffered further damage to their already worse condition. The ‘net’ – eorological department failed again in issuing the warning of an oncoming disaster. They reported the cause of the flood was a heavy downpour of mail rain.The ‘Director’ in Chief said that immediate relief shall be provided to the rehabilated people and further such incidents would be avoided, a promise made during the last week’s flood also. Time and again the innocent people have fallen victim to the perils of the mother ‘cyber’ nature. As a result a lot of people have taken refuge in other high altitude and ‘safer’ places like new gmail, ‘los’t yahoo, hotmail-puram.

Reporting for the IIIT ‘broken’ Mirror ………. Jags.

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I have stopped using yahoo lately thanks to the 54 Mbps wire LESS lan.
gtalk is cool. A summary of status messages of various people

1. Shashank – Links and Links and More Links

2. Harith – FoTD (Fact of the Day) , RoTD (Rumour of the Day)
Presently reads ‘RoTD – klinsman to take over as chelsea manager if Mourinho leaves’

3. Prafulla – FoTY – Fact of the Year
Last one read ‘FoTY – GNOME stands for ……’

4. Sarika – Follows the lead of above – FoTC (Fact of the Century)
FotC – GIMP stands for GIMP is Microsoft Paint

5. Badri – *Sarcastic and Witty*

6. Pondy – ‘NO COMMENTS’ …. Leave his status message, have a look at his photograph (dasaripavan A[]T gmail.com). How did the EON production guys miss him for (James) BOND (Girl). Probably the film would have been named as Cabre Royale ….

7. Manohar – Statiscally speaking the the word ‘F*’ appears with a probablity of 0.49875 in his status messages.
Presently it goes as ‘Those F*** retards gave …..’

8. Sumit – THiS guY KEEps STaTuS MEssaGEs wITh ranDOm LOWER aND upper CasE leTTers And 🙂 😀 😛

9. Sandeep aka Best Boy – Quotes on Love, Friendship and Philosphy

10. Satyakrishna – 13. Winamp – Here I come – Bryan Adams ….. or some other song.

11. Sunil B – Sleeping …. do not disturb

12. Rohith – jkqoncj49 klqyugdzl09* jdh h
Dont know what that means, but that was his status after some exam.

13. Yaso – Idle (Does this count as a status message)

PS: Any one who is hurt by me posting their name can flame me on my students id.
PS1 : Hopefully i shall remove their name then.
PS2: Exceptions are Badri and Pondy.

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