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New found love

Having contemplated for over 3 years about which camera to buy, I finally bought a Canon EOS 450D. An awesome christmas deal and a supply chain including three friends finally helped me lay my hands on it.

After spending a few thousands of bucks, you are obviously entitled to some show off. So I occasionally took my camera out for a walk and used it to shoot some photos. A compendium of some of my clicks.


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The shit that is HP6

I would fall short of words to explain this dumb, crap, numbf*** movie. For over 2.5 hours that the movie lasted, I felt like I was strapped on to a chair and was being tortured in the most unfathomable fashion. The first sequence of the deatheaters gobling up a bridge provided excellent visuals and then the movie went spiralling down. It seemed more like those teenage high school flicks – I-love-my-best-friend-but-he-is-a-moron-who-loves-another-girl types. And let me tell you (at the risk of being labeled a pedophile), the girls in the movie weren’t even hot (I aint talking about MEGAN hot !!). The plot was so so so so slow that a snail sleepwalking would be faster than it. Characters were poorly written – Ginny acts like this “Hormoned” puberty teenager switching her boyfriends, Hermione is the damsel in distress, Ron carried the same “I-am-dazed” expression throughout the movie, Draco – I thought the book built his character well enough, but he is this absolutely wasted guy with 10 dialogues of 5 words each and surprisingly 9 out of the 10 scenes he appears are his tweaking the vanishing cabinet or walking through corridors.

What strikes me more is that, though the popular public sentiment (What popular, make it unanimous) is that the movie sucks, Stud critics like Rajeev Masand and some arbit punk head at rediff feel this is a 4/5 star movie. LOL !! Their argument – It does proper justice to the book !! Hahahaha …… I aint a potter fan, and I barely remember anything from the book. I am more of a movies guy when it comes to movies vs books. And believe me if you feel bored/tortured/like running away from the movie/like sleeping in the movie – The movie is a bummer irrespective of whether its based on a novel, a real life experience or some jack shit incident.

The only silver lining are a few witty dialogues which the actors couldnt pull off well enough. The crowd in the theatre did have a few funny moments. However I was happy with the way Dumbledore’s character was given more prominence – given his “I am in this movie too” role in the past editions.

All in all, a sunday morning wasted. Warner bros – I want my money back !!

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The End.

I survived the first year !!

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2008 !!

Another year has gone by and looking back, it was a roller coaster ride.

  • Cat results, interviews, bangalore trips and the reservation row delaying the final results by over a month
  • CVPR paper
  • First Batch Trip and the near death experience in the snow at Manali
  • CVIT, IIIT  ——> IIMA  (this one stunned Jawahar too)
  • Danced for the first (and probably the last) time in front of a crowd
  • Walked on the ramp
  • Shaved off my moustache
  • Graduation   ( 4 years ?? when ? where? huh !!)
  • Won my first inter college football tournament
  • Bought the most expensive piece of clothing in my wardrobe *read suit*
  • Dressed up in the most formal attire possible  *read suit again*
  • Witnessed full fledged student elections
  • Financial Meltdown  😦
  • Attended my first corporate party
  • Went six months without holidays
  • New Year in GOA !!

CAT results on 9th Jan – Good Luck !!

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Cloud 9

Made it into IIM A. Presently bereft of words that would explain my emotions – so would just stick to the basics. Converted A,C,I. Waitlist in K and Rejected by B,L. This is not a post to rant about my success or anything but I would like to thank a bulk of friends who have helped/inspired me in my endeavor.

First things first – SAMBA. Godfather to me. The guy who actually got me into writing CAT. For being that constant source of inspiration and that leaning shoulder when i wouldnt even pass a single cut off in mock series. For being that friend who would mock interview me and correct my SOPs. Thanks for all that.

Harish Baba – For answering my every silly doubt with patience and for correcting a badly written SOP at 3 in the night.

Abhishek Sharma – My mentor for IIM C GD/PI process.

Sharath Babu – My very first counselor – For patiently answering all my queries whether its 10 in the night or 3 in the afternoon. For taking time off from his busy schedule to talk to me at lengths, giving tips and proving that nothing can beat determination.

Amit – My brother. For bearing the wrath of my short temper. For exuding confidence in me – for pushing me to perform better and better.

Yaso – A person who would listen to my whole interview and infact remember every bit of it. For being the first person to knock my door and staying with me the whole 7 hours on the D-Day(1st may). He was the first person to whom I broke the news of me not making it through B.

Prasant/Kirthi – For the single line – “Abba, neeku edo oka dantlo vachesidi le ra … tension padaku” [You will get through atleast one IIM, dont worry..]. For being the towering beams of confidence and excellence and inspiring me to be like them.

Sarika/Daka/Bhaskar – For discouraging me by saying that I wont get into any IIM and that I should look forward towards joining Oracle. But for praying deep down in their hearts that I should make it.

Harinath – For printing those e-tickets at the very last moment and for wishing me luck every time.

Kowshik – For being a sport and taking the whole responsibility of the project over his shoulders so that I get time to prepare for CAT and subsequently for the GD/PIs.

Joy, Abhay, Arjun, Kritika – For the GD/PI sessions. Joy, Abhay and Arjun for supporting me after every interview.

Heaps of others – Vanshidhar, Revanth, Ravi Teja, Teja, Khare, Rathi, Varun ….. I can only say one thing to you all

Thank You.

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