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The Tuesday Daily

ISRO – ^:)^

Billy the 10 year old – Awesome series of letters.

Someone is gonna get hurt really bad today.

IRONY – Free Tibet flags being made in China. [:P]

The most vulgar acronyms.

One can do ANYTHING for free internet.

And some stunning pictures [ 1 ] [ 2 ]


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The Sunday Times

Cerf the Web.

All you corporate people, beware.

Galaxies gone wild.

Everyone mocks Bush, yesterday was his day – Mocked his successors.

All this trouble for Playboy Cushions.

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The Saturday Times.

Google Movies.

Sreesanth is baby… Sreesanth is a baby ….


Remember Jerome Kerviel – The guy who made Societe Generale lose $7.14 billion. He just landed a new job.

And the controversy never stops.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear SPAM, Happy Birthday to you.

LOL @Veggies.

$2 Billion in illegal betting on IPL – Legalize it for heavens sake.

8 bit water.

I am big fan of Jason Statham and he is back in Crank 2.

The coolest USB drive I have seen till date.

IGN reviews GTA IV and the score is …… 10/10 [tada]

Tashan no nahi hai dekhna – Yahi hain mera Tashan.

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Headlines Today !!

Just got the idea of posting some humorous, informative links from here.


Fish in all sizes, colors and emotions !!!

I cant understand why people having big money dont pay taxes.

“Quanum of Solace” – Second Alfa Romeo car destroyed.

Megan Fox – Transformers rey …..

We have been banning FTV , so its time for the western world to ban our channels :P.

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