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No – This is not a post about cricket. After a few days of watching IPL matches you cant avoid noticing the band of girls in skimpy clothes and pom poms dancing after every boundary and wicket. I doubt that half of the junta that turns up in the stadiums is for them. Whoever thinks that they are mere cheergirls – Think again they are PROFESSIONALS.

Their team is called the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. As you would have known by now they cheer the team Washington Redskins – The second most valuable team in NFL, Highest season attendance, an abovee 50% winning ration in super bowls and NFL championships, the first team to have a marching band and blah … blah … blah … you can find all the info here. Hey werent we talking about the cheerleading team … yeah this is there official site. They are oldest cheerleading association in the world. They have been in business since 1962. They are called “The FIRST ladies of FOOTBALL”. Once you have a look at their site, you would know that they are outright professionals. “Brand your business with the cheerleaders ….. We help you reach Washington D.C ….” – phew !!!

Want to have a look at their history .

In addition to touring with the football team, they have also performed around the world. In 1982, they were invited to be the first NFL cheerleaders to perform in Asia promoting U.S. commercial products throughout Taiwan. In 1983 the cheerleaders produced their first calendar, which they have continued since. In 1984, they were the 4th NFL squad to perform in a United Service Organizations (USO) tour entertaining the armed forces in Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Spain and the 6th Fleet off the coast of France. Since then, they have participated in numerous Department of Defense (DOD) tours to entertain U.S. servicemen and women. DOD tours have included Egypt in 2000, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2001, Kosovo in 2002, and others for a total of over 35 countries. In December 3-17 of 2005, they completed their 20th overseas tour for the USO, entertaining U.S. troops in East Asia.

Every year the squad is rebuilt retaining some and recruiting some fresh talent. And girls who leave obviously find a place in alumni association.

Hey thats not the end – while the cheerleading squad entertain the crowds, there is another team called the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors who interact with fans. Unfortunately our truly beloved Vijay Mallya invited only the Cheerleaders and not this squad.

There is a an all star team too and a junior redskins team for kids. They organize camps, clinics and train wannabe cheerleaders. They have an official variety show which they perform for corporate events, sports activities, troops stationed overseas etc. They have merchandise and customized calenders and what not.

With all this dancing going on, how can controversies stay behind. BJP raised this issue in the Maharashtra Assembly. Their point is that when Bar Dancers are banned in Mumbai, how come they are allowed to dance. I am neutral to this – Yeah sure inflation is up and employment is down – These jobs should have gone to Indians :P.

As a final gift here is the whole squad for the season 2007-08.

Finally I would like the reader not to have any misconceptions or second thoughts about my post. Some of you Right Conservatives might think that i have gone over the board – No I have not – I have not talked about their sexuality or their oomph factor – I have only and only potrayed them as pure professionals. This post was written so that next time you see them, you dont categorize them as dancers or skimpy dressed blondes and brunettes, but as a team of professional entertainers performing.


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