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Manchester United won its 18th league title. Nothing new – I always knew we were gonna do it.

But liverfool rafa is a loser. These were the words he had when Manchester United equalled their record.

“Asked if the best team always wins the league, Benítez responded: “It just means they have more points.”

Hahahahaha ….. seriously yeah right !!

Kya ghaithla hai mia tu. May be he is not able to digest that fact that even after putting a once-in-a-lifetime performance of losing only two games in EPL, they still are second.Yeah, West Brom is as good as liverfool, its just that you have more points 😛

Hey aint rafa’s remarks a testimony that he heads the Live Fools.


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Batch Trip

All batch trips are AWESOME !!!! So there is no point blabbering about how good our batch trip was, what we did and everything. But to put it in few words – We went to Shimla, Kulu, Manali and saw lots and lots and lots of mountains and lot of us played in snow for the first time.

Now the interesting part. Heard the saying “Dont follow others path but make your own”. IT DOESNT APPLY WHEN YOU ARE TREKKING IN SNOW COVERED MOUNTAINS. Seriously. My batch of friends tried to this and had a brush with death (including yours truly) . Subsequently i was rescued by two benevolent people. I did pay them 100/- for saving my life – so at present my life is valued at rs 100/- huh!!! However playing in the snow was fun. We all were like little kids – as happy as when you get a new set of lego sets or hot wheels.

With lots of mountains around us we couldnt think of anything better than trekking. We trekked till a temple called tara devi mandir. What started as a 3 kms / 30 minutes trek ended up being a 7 kms/ 90 minutes one. The trek led us through thick forests full of damp air so it wasnt so exhausting but our legs did ache a lot. So how can a trek of 7 kms pass of without anything happening. Pondy (read graphics tutor aka D. Pavan Kumar) was scared to death in the middle way. He was like ” I am dead, Hold my hand, I will fall, I will slip, OMG I am scared”. Ravi with his immense patience helped him in reaching the top. Dont let the above sentences give you the feeling that the trek was treacherous – It wasnt even a bit, Pondy is a Sissy. I saw 8 year old kids running and jumping along the path. The trek got us to a flat top mountain from where you could see the whole of shivalik range – IT WAS GORGEOUS.

We went white water rafting. AWESOME experience. Its got be when chilling water hits you right in the face.

The bus rides were entertaining. Girls literally ragged Harinath ( sexy patel pepsi patel rey…). A huge round of applause for the girls – for their energy and sportiveness. The trip would have never been so great without you. Yeah we also had a silly fight over seats in the bus :P. Frankly you are worse than 8 year old kids :P.

Everything was fine till we started from chandigarh to delhi. A number of people wont be making the return journey to hyderabad with us. The fact that it would be the last time you would be seeing them made it altogether difficult to bear. If there is anyone out there from my batch reading this – Wish you the very best – stay in touch, it might be a simple mail saying hi – how are you and a much informal ‘Whazzzzzaaaaa’.

Thank you for all the memories.

Senti part over.

Got a chance to travel in Delhi Metro – It rocked. I have been in London’s Metro and ours falls no where short of it – Great work Sreedharan.

And now for some shocking revelations in the batch trip.

  • Pondy has fear of heights and he is DUMB.
  • Daka is pretty famous among girls.
  • Pati has unparalled knowledge about hindi songs.
  • Boppay – Telugu Films – GOD.
  • Bhaskar – I better not disclose this.
  • Praveen and Pati are bigger items than Pondy.
  • Patel is afraid of girls.
  • Bava has motion sickness.
  • Koyya rocks at hindi songs.
  • Ravi knows only one hindi movie – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
  • Girls are calm, Boys are noisy – Reverse this.
  • Daka and Vaka are Bava-Bavamardis.
  • Kirthi is Kasi-Enugu (He wrote a research paper during the batch trip)
  • Ling can become frustrated and has a very small vocabulary of gaalis.
  • We eat a lot 😛
  • Sati has two girlfriends and he didnt anything from shimla for both of them.
  • Kowshit rocks at DUMB C – He is the dumb in DUMB C.
  • The legend is true – Koyya doesnt bathe.
  • People still call me shashank 😛
  • Ravali is the samba equivalent in girls.( Chalta Firtha IMDB)
  • My hindi hasnt deteriorated much.
  • You cant buy much to eat in 10 rupees ( Joy and me found this out).
  • My BTECH is over.

Last but not the least heart felt thanks to

Suncheti and Daka – For taking the whole responsibility of organizing the batch trip.

Samba and Mohit – Rooms allotment 🙂

Yaso – For being that hyperactive guy and energizing us at all times, my tea partner everywhere.

Bachi – For bringing his wonderful camera which he unconditionally gave to me.

Sarika – For encouraging us to do some “Adventure”

Boppay and Pati – For the immense gyaan on telugu and hindi songs.

Rasagna, Manohar, Thummi and all the back seaters – For not cribbing about the bad seating and co-operating

Koyya – Nee ayya rey …..

Hareesha, Haritha and Geetha – For showing that you can still be a kid even if you are 21and that shouting is the best way to stay thin.

Ling, Revanth – For lending me the much useful toothpaste and shampoo 😛

Dont worry if I have left you out – It might have been intentional 😛


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Mr. Gordon Frohman

No, this is not a repost of the previous post on my blog neither is it a typo.

Was surfing the web for rss feeds of comics, when i stumbled across concerned . If you have played Half Life 2 and have loved it (You aint sane if you didnt like it) you would definitely appreciate this comic. Created as a parody, the comic has exactly the same chapters that you shall come across in the game.

The strips focus on events which happen in the game and unless you have played the game I dont think you will enjoy it. If you are jobless enough before the midsems, this is obviously the best way to spend some quality time.


PS: A really good site for rss feeds of comics. (Even found the rss feed of Dilbert 🙂 )

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Of Goa and Holidays

I shall start where i ended my previous post.

18th December , 2005

8:30 AM : woke up ….*sniff…sniff* still have a cold.. rolling all over the bed like a pig in a slimy ditch..:p.Dad is in the kitchen…can hear clings of utensils……

8:35 AM : Dad calls me out…”BUJJI” …ya thats my nick at home (doesnt suit my body proportions now though… i mean the nick and not the home) .. make up mind to get out of bed..

8:40 AM : In front of the mirror ….. with white foam all over my mouth … still lousy …. finish brushing … comb hair … i have really grown a lot of hair … hope dad doesnt get my hair cut in GOA ….

8:55 AM : Reading NAVBHARAT TIMES … for those who havent heard this name … you can only hear this name in GOA .. as its only circulated there…. TOI , HINDU come in the evening to the BITS-PILANI,GOA campus… partly for the reason that its 5 kms from the city and partly due the extreme laziness of GOAN people…i shall explain about it slowly …..

9:15 AM : Nothing much …. some MP’s got caught in the MPLADS scam…. turn to sports page … some LA LIGA … ITALIAN serie A news… good …. its hard to believe that the sports pages carry news about local football tournaments….football is a craze here…

9:30 AM : Dad is scolding me for my “getting up late” habit …. DAAADDDDYYYY its a sunday today !!!!… Dad is already late for his office … sunday and office quite contrary ..right ? Dad has some work there … was to reach his office by 9:00 ….:p.

9:45 AM : Having breakfast sitting in the balcony ….. the campus is splendid ….. the guest in front of our house is truly a remarkable sight …. Dad leaves for office … tells me come later at 11:00…

10:00 AM : Nothin much to do in the house… No Tv.. only a radio … put it up to hear some good old hindi tunes…. i am gonna ask dad for a tv….

11:00 AM : Having a bath… weather is really cool here ….. no need of hot water :)) …… GOA is HEAVEN.. (you are gonna hear this many more times…)

11:30 AM : Going through the students hostels.. every room here has a balcony…wired LAN….. feeling jealous ….. IIIT doesnt have these… but there are stricter rules there…

1. No roaming after 10:45PM in the campus…(earlier it was 10 PM)

2. Wanna go out write down your details , show your id card , where are u going, reason and be back by 9 PM… if not you shall be reported to your hostel warden :((

11 : 40 AM : Reached Dad’s office … changed… previously it was on the third floor .. now on the ground…. yipeee would save me a lot of energy…. lot bigger than the previous one ….

11:45 AM : First thing a IIITian does on seeing a pc.. switch it on ? good answer…. let me change the question First thing a IIITian does on seeing a pc WHICH IS SWITCHED ON ? check mail …. typing 192.168……. ENTER.. ERROR !!!!! forgot that i was in goa.. switch to students.iiit.net…some mails … LUG… GRAPHICS ASSGN….. FEES DETAILS… nothin much of interest…

12:00 AM : Walking back home with dad… asks me how much SGPA i am expecting …. No answer … 8-8.5…. Asking Dad for a TV … I am feeling bored.. After much persuasion dad agrees on buying a TV.. says we shall go tommorow to Panaji(read as PANAJIM … and dont ask me WHY? )..

tommorow.. Monday… December 19th – Goa’s Liberation Day… the portuguese left goa after the indian army attacked them in 19.. i dont know … good .. so they have two holidays Independence day and liberation day compared to one which we have…. 😦

12:30 PM : Dont what to do the whole day.. once again goin over the newspaper while dad prepares the lunch.. my Dad isnt a great cook but no one beats him in making ALOO KA PARATHA.. though dad isnt making them now..

1:30 PM : sitting before the computer…..phone rings…. how many of you have seen a IP phone… CISCO systems …BITS has ip phones.. ever heard of a phone booting … dad says this phone boots … checks it ip no. connects to some DNS/DHCP server… net is really fast here … 128 MBPS … a thousand time better than the connection in my room… surfing the net ..goal.com…espnstar.com….premierleague.com….some matches up tonight … no use..cant see them anyway….

2:30 PM : Sitting in the institute canteen… sipping hot coffee and some LAYS…. these people have two canteens … one in the institute and another in the shopping complex in the campus…

5:00 PM : Dad is working on some database.. called SCO UNIX (hope i havent mis-spelt it)…very primitive DBS …. GUI like a terminal in LINUX….

5:30 PM : Walking back …. treading the same afternoon path…. Dad takes me to the super bazar there.. one would mistake this to be music store… hi – fi music system … english rock,rap,….and selling Bhindi,pyaaz,…..take home a 2 ltr Coke … Dad scolding me for taking it having a cold already….

7:00 PM : Goin over the same newspaper the third time in a day… maybe i can now write down the whole contents of the paper…. listening to songs on the walkman…Dad gets a call …. a friend of ours.. was dad’s colleague when he was in IIT,Delhi…. we have been family friends for a long long time… 25 years till date…

7:10 PM : Dad tells me they are dropping in for a vacation on December 20th … excited….. good see old childhood friends … infact girlfriends… probably the only two girls i have ever spoken too.. i am shy of girls.. :p … one is elder to me by 2 years and i am elder to another by 1 year …

8:00 PM : Dinner is served ….. ALLOO KE PARATHE….. eating the 6th one ..hope there are enough left for dad too….

9:00 PM : Dad calling me to sleep ….. SLEEP … that too at 9pm this is the time the whole IIIT wakes up to the world… cant argue with dad… so go and sleep…. 9pm …sleep… first step towards being an idle BOY…. 🙂

11:00 PM: Thinking what i am doin at this time of night… drinking water…. go back to sleep … hahahaha….




Shashank didnt even have a single hair when he was born..( i was born bald :(( ) … learnt talking after 1.5 years and walking after 2.5 years…i am slow learner…… Infact he didnt even cry when he was born…( basically I am calm boy)…. so he was pinched ..( who was doctor who pinched me …. *angry* )……

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16th December

6:30 pm : sitting in my room all packed up … ready to go couldnot upload my graphics assignment , the portal said some  “error -2 “, and then a mail that assignment is postponed to 3rd january. good for ravi (did he start the assignment …….?)and yaso.

6:35 pm : Bidding good bye to all those present in the wing …… Revanth , Rohith , Ravi , Samba , Yaso …  Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year ……..

 6:45 pm : Reached the infamous bus stop where a bus never comes when its needed , and when it comes they come in bunches …..

7:20 pm : Crap , waiting for about 30 minutes , should have started earlier…. there a sea of people waiting here …… cant even count …

7:23 pm : Finally a bus in sight , every one gets in .. like a typical panjagutta – ameerpet bus , this bus is jammed packed … doubt if there is space even for the conductor to move..

 8:00 pm : Reached mehdipatnam … the rush subdued … the bus was now literally free …. hoping the driver would hit the gas pedal harder … only 1 hour left ……

 8:20 pm : Reached Koti …. fine now to kachiguda , some noble man gave me the idea to board a bus again which would drop me at the the station … thank you sir .. have had enough till now …. autos rock ….

 8:30 pm : Heaved a sigh of relief ….. took two batteries ( thanks to samba for lending me his walkman …) and a bottle of sprite…

 8:38 pm : Asking the TC, “bhai sahib , vasco ko jane ki train kis platform par ayegi” , he looks back sternly and says ” ayegi nahi”, 😡 i miss a heart beat ” khadi hai vaha teesri platform par”,

 8:45 pm : Sitting in my window seat ( S9 – 44 )… giving calls to my dad, uncle , brother …. (am i goin to USA .. ? NO right )

 8:59 pm : Talking to my neighbours …. came to hyderabad for some marriage ….  three of them … bank employees…. other two are some elder citizens ….. goin to goa to see some colleague of theirs….

 9:10 pm : Finally the train starts…… can sleep now …. every mm of my body is tired… the lady opposite to me starts talking to me… she needs to get down at Margao ( for those who don know its a town in goa) and go to Candolim ( a beach … take it for granted that if a city’s name in goa ends with -im its probably a beach ).. i tell her that i have never been to Margoa so cant help her.

9:30 pm : Cold starts settling in …. i brought only a jerken along ….. hope it keeps me warm………

 10:00 pm : Every agrees on sleeping , so berths are raised , chains are lowered , pillows are stuffed , bedhsheets are pulled out … BEDSHEET … shit i forgot to bring a bedsheet … i am in for a great adventure……. Praying to god …. SAVE ME FROM COLD ..


12:00 pm : *sniff….sniff* … got a bad cold … apply some vicks …. no use…. cold is taking its toll … any way close your eyes … dawn shall definitely carry a special meaning for me tommorow……

17th December

 3:45 am : Train halts at a station ( railway station of course the train wont stop at a bus station )  … Guntakal … great get some cups of coffee and tea…. This point needs a certain explanation….. bogies in which people travelling from kacheguda to goa are put are disconnected and connected to Amravathi express from vijayawada which goes to Goa.

4:30 am : Amaravathi is running 3 hours late …….. Hell …… was originally scheduled to come at 4:20 am …  go back and sleep …..

6:00 am : Woke up by the slender rays of sun creeping from the slits of the window… got down and basking in sun …. get some more cups of coffee and tea …. fine morning ….. so bruch your teeth…. i brought my brush along but no toothpaste ….. never mind follow Yaso …. wont die if i dont brush my teeth for a day ….

7:20 am : Amravathi finally arrives ….. the trains are connected ….. here we go …. GOA here i come …….

 8:00 am : had some break fast …. so called vada … looking out of the window…. nice lush green fields … karnataka is far more agriculturally strong than andhra pradesh …..

 9:30 am : reached Bellary …. got a bottle of pepsi this time….

 12:00 pm : lunch ……. to be frank our train doesnt have a pantry car ….. 😦 … Housepet … nothing much available here … took a packet of curd rice and a bottle of 7up … its interesting to note the karnataka hosts two pepsico production factories…… so its quite difficult to find coke products ( coke in the sense Coca Cola and not coal – coke )

 3:00 pm : still looking out of the window …. i see a station in sight …. wont probably stop … very small station …. but the interesting part is that every thing is red here.Red sand is abundant here . the dust is red , the houses are red , the platform too hosts a red color…. RED reminds me of MANCHESTER UNITED … out of europe for the first time in 10 years.Samba and Badri would be grinning …. any way they are 2/3 in the league … goal difference only ….. hope liverfool loses….. arsenal is already slipping out…

 4:00 pm : This is second time i am goin to GOA .. earlier i went with my brother in the summer vacation .. dicnt enjoy much as it was raining heavily during that period…. dad told me that this is the best time to drop in as this is the tourism period ….. waiting for western ghats …….. the best part of the whole journey ….. a sublime ride through the great hills … its truly magnificent…… the maximum speed limit in the ghats is 40 kmph …. so train is gonna slow down now …. 😦

 5:20 pm : the extravaganza starts …. konkan railway is simply superb …. for a stretch of 140 kms there is only one track …. so when a train is making its journey no other train is allowed to approach …… its evening and dew is slowly settling in … hills covered white fog … the sight is truly marvellous …. the flora here springs up your senses ….. looking steeply in to a 400 feet gorge or small water drains …….. this is pure heaven…..

 6:30 pm : for the past one hour i am spell bound in the eternal beauty of these mountains… frequently tunnels spring up ….. its great watching the other end of the tunnel approach you …… One more thing ……. DUDH SAGAR FALLS would be up in a few minutes …..

6:43 pm : how many of you have seen a waterfall ? and those who have seen how many have seen it from a meagre distance of hardly 40 mtrs….. you can literally feel the water falling  on you …. its a gorgeous sight….. though the flow has considerably decreased from the monsoon season , still it looks great ….

6:55 pm : the sun is setting …. as a child i used to draw pictures of a sun setting between two hills … got to see it here today …. the whole sky lit up orange red … we are in goa now … train is running 2 hours late ……

7:30 pm : still looking out of the window …. cant see anything though …..listening to songs on my … errr… sorry samba’s walkman … Lakshya , Swades rock …… haves listened to them 4-5 times in the whole journey … should have been in Margao till now …. but it shall take still an hour and a half to see DAD ….

 8:10 pm : Margao …. called dad …. he said that he was already waiting …. told him that it would take another hour or so …..

8:25-45 pm : while ( 1) { 

listen ( Lakshya | Swades );


 9:03 pm : train is running slowly over the Vasco Da Gama station drawing itself to a halt … see DAD ….. DADDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY …. get down .. hug…. kiss…  Hello Goa i am here …..

10:00 pm : HOME CHWEET HOME …… dad bought new furniture for the house ….. new sofa set …. two new double beds …….. a new deewan …. a new dining table …. home has got a new look …. looks great …. had dinner ….. sleep …. its really cool in GOA … its 10 in the night and you can roam naked in the streets ….. really really great weather …… a great journey and a great union ………. vacations are off to a great start ……..







Shashank was born in ONGOLE, A.P . Brought up in NEW DELHI …. AND is now studying in HYDERABAD 🙂

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This is my first post on the wordpress, sort of confusing ….. all the options post slug , categories…what the hell is this… (shall read about them later). Finished the damn graphics assignment.Tetris game —- haha … wrote two games in the span of 4 months.the earlier one being a multiplayer snakes and ladders game for my itws-III project. Winter vacation starts from 16th ( make it 18th officially ) , happy thing is that me goin to GOA. heard from dad that its like spring there. COOOOOOL …..:).. damn assignments … one in Graphics ,one in  AI – dont even know what that tool (TnT) is all about and one … no two … no three…… ok fine ‘N’ assignments in TOC. why bother people even in holidays when we stink in the holy crap of assignments all the semester long ? wont touch even one of them … thats for sure … who is gonna waste a beautiful GOAN vacation for some stupid assignment……still to pack my bag. dad told not to bring any winter wear and lots of t-shirts…. train is at kachiguda at 9:00 pm . never boarded a train all by myself so a sort of excited , confused, troubled ….. :-x. Thats all for this night. thinking of maintaining a diary for my two weeks at goa … shall keep on posting from there.




 Shashank was born on 31st August, 1986 and J.Srinath the yester year speedster of India was born on 31st August , 1968. Interestingly even shashank was a fast bowler in his childhood before he shifted to football

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