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The IIM-I Experience

Date: 12th February

Venue : Administrative Staff College of India,Hyderabad

Time : 2 PM

Group was of 9 people but one didnt turnup, so 8 people.

GD Topic:
Dilip joins a software company which has the motto “Treat each customer with respect and dignity”. He finds out that its not the case within the

pricing division of the company as they charge the old customers thrice the money as the new customers. He brings this issue to the notice of the manager who

scolds him for acting against him. What should he do now?

The GD was pretty smooth, no fish market scenario, no one cutting anyone else. I spoke about 8-9 times.


People were being called in random order. I was the fourth to be called.

The panel consisted of a Guy(G) and a Lady(L) both in their 40s or 50s.

I(M) enter and greet both of them. The lady asks me to take a seat while the guy takes my certificates.

L: Tell me about yourself
M: Told.
L: Do you read books?
M: No mam, I am not an avid reader.
L: Do you watch movies?
M: Yes mam.
L: What kind? Horror?
M: Primarily action and drama.
L: Telugu movies ?
M: Sometimes.
L: Whose is your favourite actor?
M: Told
L: Why not chiranjeevi ?
M: He is old.
L: There has been a lot of ruckus about his political entry and the recent rajasekhar issue. What do you think about it.
M: The problem is with his cult status. Followers shall blindly follow his ideology and cant take criticism against him etc.
L: Did A.P face this issue sometime earlier?
M: Yes, NTR – Telugu Desam Party.
L: Why do you think NTR won ?
M: Political Vaccuum, His fame, Pro-Poor policies.
L: What happened to TDP later?
M: Chandrababu naidu took over.
L: What do you think of him.
M: Tech savvy developed hyd, sec but could done a lot. Left Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur which is a major tobacco trading centre, ports etc.
L: Tobacco – whats the international problem that India is facing with the tobacco problem?
M: I am not so sure but i think a consignment was rejected due to its poor quality.
L: Russia rejected it.
L: You are from IIIT – Tell me something about it.
M: It was established in 1998 with the state govt and private funding.
G: How many IIITS are there?
M: 4 – Hyd, Allahabad, Gwalior, Bangalore.Ours is not under any govt. while allahabad is under central govt. dont know about others. Ours is Intl. while the

others are Indian.
G: Why?
M: Explained.
L: You said you are from Ongole – what is ongole famous for?
M: Bulls
L: Why is ongole bull famous.
M: Breed is very strong – used extensively for plowing fields etc.

(By this time G goes through my certificates)

G: What is this computer vision course?
M: 2D to 3D.
G: Practical application.
M: Microsoft photosynth, CBIR etc.
M: Content based image retrieval – explained with the example of google images and how it differs from it.
G: Basic questions on CBIR – machine learning, benchmarking etc.
M: Answered.
G: When you type google.com what happens.
M: Are you talking about DNS servers etc.
G: Go ahead…
M: Explained DNS hierarchy, institute and ISP cache, NAT etc.
G: What is an IP address.
M: 32 bit identifier.
G: Write an ip.
M: (hehe my room’s ip)
G: Explain what it is
M: 8 bits- 4 segments = 32 bits.
G: What is the maximum value?
G: Explain the parts in IP address.
M: Network and host part, Class A,B,C,D,E ip addresses.
Stopped me while explaining B type.
G: What is TCP/IP?
M: Network layer protocol to ensure delivery of packets wrt to the ip addresses etc.
G: What is a dynamic ip address?
M: Allotted by DHCP etc.
G: What happens if I do some illegal stuff with my ip and then shut down my pc. Can you find me.
M: We can track down the MAC address but then we need to find to whom this MAC address belongs to etc.
G: Where does a firewall work ?
M: I am not so sure but i think that it would be Network or transport layer.
L: What are these layers?
M: Model – 5 layers , OSI – 7 Layers etc.
G: Placed ?
M: Yes sir, Oracle.
G: Thats it.
L: Do you have any questions ?

M: Mam, does IIMI provide any course on IT and management etc
L: There are electives that can be taken in 2nd year – finance, BM, IT etc.
M: Can we take multiple ?
L: Sure.
G: Only IIMB offers such course – distance learning havent you heard of it?
M: No sir.
L: How many calls do you have?
M: 6
L: Is this your first interview?
M: No mam, Lucknow was the first.
L: How did it go?
M: GD was not so good, Interview was fine.
L: How would you rate your GD today.
M: On a scale of 10 , 5-6.
L: Rank yourself in the group.
M: 4-5.
L: If you convert all the calls which one would you join.
M: Mam, i would like to do an MBA which stresses on IT ..
G: He would ask all the colleges and then decide right
M: Yes sir 😛
L: Any more queries.
M: No mam.
G,L:You can leave.
M: Thank you.
I think both GD and PI went fine. If only i hadnt asked them the last question 😦


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The IIML Experience.

31st January – 2:00 PM

The morning interviews took some time and the gd started at 3 PM.

Topic : The test of a successful person is not to eliminate difficulties but to meet and sort those difficulties.

30 minutes to think and write a 500 word essay.

Seating in the gd was according to the names in the list. (Mine was the first)

15 minutes of discussion.

My GD didnt go so well – interuppted only 4-5 times.

Interview :

Was the first one in the panel.

Two people – One Old (O), one young (Y) and Me (M).

M- Good afternoon sirs.
O,Y – Good afternoon, take your seat.

O – Being the first one in the panel, do you think you have any advantage/disadvantages.
M – Both sir. Disadvantage is that i am the first one, so i am a bit tensed.
O – No, why be tensed. This is gonna be cool. Just relax. And advantage ?
M – Mine will be finished early so no anxiety.
O – Good. What was your stand on the GD.
M – Told him the point i had written in the essay. I mentioned something about Risk in life.
O – What is risk.
M – Any event that might hamper your growth or can affect your performance.
O – What is risk mathematically?
M – Any negative input to an equation of working/perfomance.
O – Isnt there any probability in risk ?
M – Yes sir. If an event has happened in the past, its likely that the event may occur given the condition are same.
O – Whats the probability of your getting in to IIML?
M – It will depend on my performance.
Y – Dont you want it to be 1 ?
M – yes sir definitely.
Y – What factors do you need to calculate your probability?
M – My performance in GD, Interview etc.
O – Thats it ?
M – No sir and the marks of other people too.
O – So you think only marks are needed ?
M – If we assume that the selection only on the basis of marks and no other criteria is taken into consideration.
Y – Lets say we have a few people and each one has been given marks on a scale of 10. Calculate the probability of a person getting selected.
I wrote ABCD and then Y said that 4 are enough. Gave them 4,7,8,2 marks.
Y- Assuming that you are B , whats your probability of getting in.
M – 7/21.
O – Shouldnt it be 7 / 4*10 ?
M – That can also be used but i think 7/21 will be much better.
O – Thats it, any other things you need to take in to consideration?
M – The no. of people you want to take in.
Y – You are making life unnecessarily complicated (Dont know what he meant).
Y – Lets assume we will take atleast 2 people.
M – 3 cases – 2,3,4 people – gave the probabilities.
O – Ok. Leave it. (Looks at my form)
O – You have a pretty good academic profile. 9.17 cgpa is pretty good. Are you the topper in your class ?
M – No sir. Third.
O – First ?
M – 9.58 sir.
O – Strength of your batch.
M – 94 students sir.
O – Third in 94. You should take pride in your position.
M – Thank you sir.
Y – What is depth first search ?
M – Drew a binary tree and explained.

O – Certificates please.

Y – Is that a graph ?
M – Its a tree, a specialized form of a graph and then explained DFS on a graph.
Y – Can you think of a application of a graph in real life.
M – Commodity flow sir. Online commodity site. Nodes are centres.You have to transport goods in the lowest cost etc.
O – You have been to NCC republic day camp in 2001.
M – Yes sir in my 9th class.
Y – Take your form, is this an example of computer processing ?
M – Do you mean typing on the computer?
Y – Yes, suppose you are typing on M$ Word – Is it called processing ?
M – Yes, sir since the computer has to decipher what i am typing on the keyboard and display it, it is processing the input.
Y – Its not performing any addition, subtraciton etc.
M – Those are higher orders of processing. Since the computer is taking cycles its processing.
Y – So typing on M$ Word actually takes up some computer cycles.
M – Yes sir. It has to read the input buffer and print the output to it takes some cycles.
Y – What are the three main steps in processing ?
M – Taking some input, analyzing it and giving output.
Y – How does the computer know what you are typing on a keyboard ?
M – There is a logical circuit in a keyboard which sends a signal to the computer.
Y – So you have signals A,B,C etc.
M – No sir they are converted in to their ascii values.
Y – A is 65 right. How is it converted and where ?
M – May be there is a logical unit in the keyboard where its hardcoded that a signal from A will be coded as 65 in binary and sent to computer.
Y – Are you sure?
M – No sir, I think that this might be the mechanism.
Y – Have you ever opened a keyboard.
M – Yes sir. The logical unit is underneat the lights in the keyboard. The point where the wire comes out.
O – What do you do in your leisure time?
M – I love playing and watching football. I am a part of my college football team.
Y – Who won the football world cup ?
M – Italy.
Y – What is yoga ?
M – An ancient art form aimed at developing health and …
Y – Name one person who teaches yoga and is famous
M – Bharath Thakur.
Y – Then what about art of living.
M – Sorry sir, Bharat Thakur is associated with art of living (fumbled 😦 )
Y – Really, then who is Ravi shankar.
M – Sorry sir, dont know. (Later realized that i was fooled in to the trap).
O – What is garbage in garbage out ?
M – Tried explaining some machine code.
Y – No. What happens when you give random data to the computer.
M – Random output.
O – Exaclty – Garbage in Garbage out.
O – Are you placed ?
M – Yes sir – Oracle.
O – Pay package ?
M – 8lpa.
Y – What does Oracle mainly deal with?
M – RDBMS and ..
Y – What is RDBMS?
M – Classes and then you have relationships between them.
Y – No, thats ER. Tables called relations and referential integrity between them.
M – Yes sir. (Got confused between the both 😦 )
Y – Thats pretty much (Looks at O )
O – Yeah I am finished. Thank you, you can leave.
M – Thank you sir.
O – Dont be tensed, You have a long journey to make in life.
M – Thank you sir.

And what did the last sentence mean. :O
Didnt even ask me if i had any questions.

Edited – Somewhere in between Y asked me about e-governance and the initiatives taken by the A.P government in it.

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