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Manchester United won its 18th league title. Nothing new – I always knew we were gonna do it.

But liverfool rafa is a loser. These were the words he had when Manchester United equalled their record.

“Asked if the best team always wins the league, Benítez responded: “It just means they have more points.”

Hahahahaha ….. seriously yeah right !!

Kya ghaithla hai mia tu. May be he is not able to digest that fact that even after putting a once-in-a-lifetime performance of losing only two games in EPL, they still are second.Yeah, West Brom is as good as liverfool, its just that you have more points 😛

Hey aint rafa’s remarks a testimony that he heads the Live Fools.


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They say “Life is all about the small things”. The last few days have been great, sad, demoralizing, thrilling, disappointing and what not. Least to say, the days have been dramatic, bidding some really close friends goodbye. Farewell, Batch Trip – These were all big things – Big in the sense that they made us realize that the 180 odd people belonging to ug2k4 would never be together again. But time has taught me that its the small things that pinch you harder.

Not getting me – 😦

It might be a simple mail. A mail from Appaji reminding us of our semester fees. As a 1st-3rd year student you would responsibly follow the link/open the doc to check your fees. But we dont need to do it, coz we are leaving.

It can be your gtalk/yahoo im. WIth scores of friends online, you could easily scroll down several times. But now with a mere handful online you just realize that your gtalk would never be “House Full”.

It can be a mail from PJN – As you pass out, we invite you to the alumni meeting ……. – you are invited because you are leaving.

It can be a mere form – No Dues Certificate – As you tread the steps of library for the last time, as you press the enter key of your lab pc for the last time, as you meet your BTP mentor for the last time, as you submit the TT racket/football/volleyball to the PEC which you issued in the first year, you realize that its time to leave.

It can be a registration form – Registration form for the Alumni Association. All these years we have been picking forms from the cabinet in Office room but never would anyone lay his eyes on this – but now its inevitable that you do pay attention to it.

It can be a mail from BLN – All fourth year students will have to vacate their rooms by april 30th. You are leaving ……

It can be as simple as packing your stuff – something you dare not do all these four years. There cant be a better example than varun for this. What looked liked a fortress till yesterday is now a clean room.

Your wing looks vacant – it has looked several times in the past – but you know that the rightful residents of the rooms will return in a few days. But not now – coz they have left.

It can be status messages – What used to be medium for satirical jokes, boasting off, http links – All these have given way to philosophical quotes.

Rooms – When everyother year you discuss about which hostel to stay and which room to take, its now time to talk about the city and the colony and the friends with whom your are gonna share your apartment. Dude its time to leave the portals of IIIT and head in to the WORLD.

There are lots of others – lots and lots of them. All tell us one thing – We are leaving.

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Exactly 3hrs 31 minutes to complete my under graduation.

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You wake up in the morning to find that

  • Nicolas Sarkozy is the president of France.
  • Manchester United win their first title since 2003, winning the premiership for a record 9th time.
  • Former world number one Kim Clijsters retires from tennis.
  • Bhaskar is not there in the wing (gone to Amazon) :p
  • Daka is preparing for GRE 😮

PS1: Godfather game is really good !!!

PS2: GTA San Andreas is cool (read cool when you use cheats) :p

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