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Cloud 9

Made it into IIM A. Presently bereft of words that would explain my emotions – so would just stick to the basics. Converted A,C,I. Waitlist in K and Rejected by B,L. This is not a post to rant about my success or anything but I would like to thank a bulk of friends who have helped/inspired me in my endeavor.

First things first – SAMBA. Godfather to me. The guy who actually got me into writing CAT. For being that constant source of inspiration and that leaning shoulder when i wouldnt even pass a single cut off in mock series. For being that friend who would mock interview me and correct my SOPs. Thanks for all that.

Harish Baba – For answering my every silly doubt with patience and for correcting a badly written SOP at 3 in the night.

Abhishek Sharma – My mentor for IIM C GD/PI process.

Sharath Babu – My very first counselor – For patiently answering all my queries whether its 10 in the night or 3 in the afternoon. For taking time off from his busy schedule to talk to me at lengths, giving tips and proving that nothing can beat determination.

Amit – My brother. For bearing the wrath of my short temper. For exuding confidence in me – for pushing me to perform better and better.

Yaso – A person who would listen to my whole interview and infact remember every bit of it. For being the first person to knock my door and staying with me the whole 7 hours on the D-Day(1st may). He was the first person to whom I broke the news of me not making it through B.

Prasant/Kirthi – For the single line – “Abba, neeku edo oka dantlo vachesidi le ra … tension padaku” [You will get through atleast one IIM, dont worry..]. For being the towering beams of confidence and excellence and inspiring me to be like them.

Sarika/Daka/Bhaskar – For discouraging me by saying that I wont get into any IIM and that I should look forward towards joining Oracle. But for praying deep down in their hearts that I should make it.

Harinath – For printing those e-tickets at the very last moment and for wishing me luck every time.

Kowshik – For being a sport and taking the whole responsibility of the project over his shoulders so that I get time to prepare for CAT and subsequently for the GD/PIs.

Joy, Abhay, Arjun, Kritika – For the GD/PI sessions. Joy, Abhay and Arjun for supporting me after every interview.

Heaps of others – Vanshidhar, Revanth, Ravi Teja, Teja, Khare, Rathi, Varun ….. I can only say one thing to you all

Thank You.


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